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Monday, September 16, 2013

happy 50th bday malaysia!!

i'm proud to be malaysian... and i just want to raise up this.. "SARAWAKIAN is also MALAYSIAN... don't ever threat us as if sarawak is being another country.. sarawak is a state within malaysia" pls pls pls, respect us.. without SABAH and SARAWAK, malaysia is not MALAYSIA... its just my two cent... 

Monday, June 17, 2013

my all time fav obsession

this is soooooo me :)

i want this badly!!!! craving for it..

and i also like thissss.. wanna know?? i like to make my own dessert

just name it

ice cream cake

no bake cheesecake




whoopie pie

and etc.. 

ilove foods 

i love chocs

i love red

i love everything that could attract my heart ��

the most important thing... i love...


Sunday, June 9, 2013

i am happy with my life!

does my post annoyed you? if yes, you can close your window or turn off your pc, tablet and whatsoever hahaha #kidding 

i am who i am.. 

i don't want to destroy my happiness with unconditional emotion

so please...

yess YOU..

whenever i told you to shut up, just shut up..

enough is enough DUDE! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HELLO 2013

 OMG, its my panda eyebag!!! goshhhh

 DUCKface in the making

 pinky pinkier pinkiest

 This is ME!

Its MAY now... almost half year of 2013...i just have the opportunity to update my BLOG now..i don't know why am i so lazy to update it even though i had a lot of story to share with you guys...But its okay..BETTER LATE THAN NEVER...HAHAHAHA

All of the above are the picture of M.O.I...Now i have to take care of my skincare coz my skincare become worst day by day..WHY? Is it because of the increment of my age? OH NO.....Maybe i am too stress at work...maybe..hahaha...

My life? so far, i am happy with my life..eventho a lot of things I'd gone through..But i am very happy with it coz i can bear all of it..That is what we called LIFE..Hence, one thing I've learned..Don't depend too much on others in this world. Even our shadow leaves us when we're in darkness.


Ermm.. I'd made a big mistake in my life..I've to admit it..It's my MISTAKE...I shouldn't  did it.. I did not have the intention to do it at the beginning but who am i?I'm an ordinary person. It's beyond my control..Now, I'm trying to fix it by letting go. To whom it may concern, I'm very sorry.. Trust me, I'd already letting go about us..And You also have to put trust in him.. Please Please Please.. I'M BEGGING YOU...I've move on since the day that i told myself to do it. Don't worry..I never meant to do it.....I'M SORRY...I didn't answer and reply your call not because i don't have the guts, but I don;t want it become worst between US.I choose to be silent so that no one will be hurt.


 That's it for now..will updated my blog often if I've time to do so... Insyaallah :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

i miss you, my blog!!

i really miss my blog very much...due to time constraint, i can't update my blog oftenly... yup, it's my fault actually coz i didn't manage my time efficiently....

in this few months back, a lot of things happened to me.. that made me happy..made me sad..made me cried...mad me laughed...

i have to confessed here that i really enjoyed my life for NOW...i am blessed when i have my parents and family besides me..Thanks ALLAH... i'm also thankful to my friends for the understanding because sometimes my mood also upside down...

i also felt great when i can live happily without YOU.. yeah..
karma does strike back to you!!! i really can't forget every single things that you've done to me that really ruined my life and feeling..Alhamdulillah i managed to forget everything about YOU...i don't need YOU and SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!

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this post totally backdated post....Raya 2012

i felt that raya this year,i'm matured enough to face a lot of questionssssss from people...hahaha let the pictures begin the story..

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

trip to KL again with mummy's family

i went to KL againnnnn....

for holiday cum shopping...

anyway i am not a shopaholic person...hahaha

we went to KL for 6 days and 5 nights..

we went to various places as i were the tourist guide as usual...

to be continued....

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happy birthday to me..

anyway this is my backdated post..huhu..i really don't have time to update my lovely blog...sorry.... actually this year, my birthday was on 1st i celebrated my birthday with my families during IFTAR..thanks MAMA, AYAH, MUMMY and ABAH for the birthday treat..really appreciate it...

this is my birthday cake...i requested not to have a birthday MAMA managed to get me this fruit tarts...

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